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MySourcingLeader.com is a blog with purpose to support professionals in any industry on the globe with tools, models, templates, and lots of examples coming from the real business, within the areas of Strategic Sourcing and Leadership. The idea is that you as reader will find useful information and material to instantly bring to your own work and professional toolbox.

Mattias Asplund – owner of this blog and main editor of its contents – has worked professionally within the field of Strategic Sourcing since 1998, with the majority of his career in managerial or leadership roles in industry-leading global enterprises. He was born in Sweden, and left his home country in year 2000 for a job assignment in South East Asia. Since 2003, he lives with his family in Prague, Czech Republic. Mattias graduated from the University of Gothenburg as Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA).

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Why should you listen to what is said on MySourcingLeader.com?

Mattias has been working within Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing since 1998 in several world-leading multinational companies in the management consultancy, automotive, home furnishing, and food/FMCG industries. Learning and developing on the job, together with plenty of (classroom) trainings throughout the years, he is by now well equipped with cutting-edge tools, skills and insights within Strategic Sourcing and Leadership. Below are some of the major success stories throughout Mattias’ career:

  • Twice in his career, more than 7% (of addressable spend) cost reduction delivered in two consequtive years within same role/scope
  • Reduction of suppliers in the spend category by 50% in less than 3 years
  • Cash flow (or DPO) improvement by nearly 40% in one year – best level in company globally
  • Transforming Tactical procurement to Strategic Sourcing through new regional processes and tools, established successful SRM partnerships, and long-term supplier contracting

Experienced as trainer and performing presentation gigs, Mattias has done several trainings and seminars within Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management, Competitive Intelligence, and Presentation Skills. See him in action below in Moscow, September 2014.


All tools and models showcased on this website – several developed and created by the blog owner or by people in his professional network – have been applied in the real business and have contributed to world-class results. We want to give you the real stuff, not academic school book case studies!

We are here to help you!

Now, through the MySourcingLeader.com blog, we want to share experiences and tricks with you. Regardless if you are regional middle-manager in Procurement in a mid-sized enterprise, category manager within Global Sourcing in a large multinational, junior buyer in a local Sourcing department, business leader of any kind, or owner of your own small firm – should you need practical guidance and applicable tools within Strategic Sourcing and Leadership, we are here to help you.

You may post a comment in the CHAT section. Should you desire the applied tools, models, or presentations in editable format (.doc/.xls/.ppt), please send your request via email to info@mysourcingleader.com. You may also use the form under EMAIL US in the menu.

Please note that MySourcingLeader.com is not run as a registered company. It’s a blog that is managed in the editor’s spare time (when time allows!) without making profit on it.