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Welcome to your Sourcing Leader!

This website is mainly intended for professionals in purchasing and procurement who work with Strategic Sourcing and Category Management. There is a special section focusing on Leadership, supporting you who are in managerial position, typically group leader. The content of this website is not industry specific, hence relevant regardless in what field you are working.

What does MySourcingLeader.com really bring to you?

  • Best practice and knowledge within Strategic Sourcing, Category Management and Leadership
  • Tools, models, examples from real business, and practical templates to “place in your expanded toolbox” and immediately use in your profession
  • Training material for your own usage or for sharing with colleagues and teams
  • Insightful articles on Purchasing Management

Our “lighthouse” is illustrated below. By exploring the rooms of the house  (our different topics) you will soon reach the beacon top – becoming “enlightened” and well equipped in your way forward achieving world-class performance as buying/sourcing manager. Just click on desired topic under SOURCING and LEADERSHIP in the top menu or via the side bar drop-down boxes, where you will find our articles and pdf-documents for free download.

Use us as your guiding lighthouse while navigating in the challenging business waters!

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