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Supplier Relationship Assessment brings you a tool for assessment of supplier relationship types, called ASRT – Assessment of Supplier Relationship Types. You may use the tool on all your suppliers, assessing appropriate relationship type for each. The assessment tool can be applied on a limited number of key suppliers (i.e. your top 10), in order to determine the absolute top 1-2 suppliers with whom you will embark on an SRM program journey together – read all about this in the SRM 4-Step Process.

Managing suppliers is part of your job as buying manager, and you might be not quite sure what you should do with each different one. You also don’t have enough time to manage relationships with all of them. So, how can you find out which suppliers to devote more time to, to get best results? Make sure you bet on the right horses – use the ASRT tool. The tool is Excel-based, and the summary sheet is shown in below image:

Supplier Assessment Summary 2

The summary sheet displays the results from the assessment and input done by the responsible buyer. There are totally 10 criteria, or evaluation parameters, building on the MOISTER tool that is explained in the SRM 4-Step Process. Five of the criteria are grouped as “Business Value Criteria”, and the other five under “Mutual Match Criteria”. The two groups form the X- and Y-axis in the chart above.

The ASRT-tool will automatically calculate all the input values and display recommended relationship type with the assessed supplier! Accordingly, you have now done your assessment of the supplier relationship. By applying the tool on all your suppliers, you are coming through the entire supplier segmentation (phase 1 in the SRM 4-Step Process), and you may swiftly proceed with formulation of your supplier strategy and start planning and executing your sourcing activities together with your suppliers.

Below is an example of assessment of one criteria , Supplier View of Buying Company, that belongs to the “Mutual Match Criteria” (Y-axis). The question on the top shall be answered by giving a value between 1 to 5. Extensive supporting information for the analysis and scoring is provided below the question. There is one Excel work sheet for each criteria. Work yourself through the ten criteria, and your relationship assessment of the supplier is done.

Supplier Assessment Input 2

Expand your professional toolbox today with ASRT – Assessment of Supplier Relationship Types! The analysis supported by this Excel-tool provides a relevant, detailed and solid basis for your decision on supplier strategy.

pdficon_largeDownload in PDF-format a complete guide to the ASRT tool. Click here or on the pdf-icon.

Do you want the ASRT-tool in Excel-format, so you can start working with it? If so, contact us via email by using the EMAIL US form.

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