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Supplier Development Plan

We share with you here a very useful example on a Supplier Development Plan. The document is done in MS Powerpoint format, with some embedded tables created in Excel. You will; need to read the presentation in the SRM 4-Step Process in order to understand all aspects of this particular SRM program documentation.

The Supplier Development Plan exemplified here consists of 9 Powerpoint slides:

  1. Supplier Passport – (or Supplier Profile) summarizing information of the supplier
  2. Agreed objectives – KPI targets and tracker
  3. Projects – list of agreed prioritized actions for business improvements, used as tracker
  4. Key Account Teams – overview of all resources involved in the relationship
  5. Contact Data – detailed information about all persons in the teams above
  6. Meeting Organizer – calendar with proactively agreed meetings and dates
  7. Agreed Conditions – special agreements beyond the legal contract
  8. Production Capabilities – detailed overview of the supplier’s capacities and competencies
  9. Objectives of the SRM program – optional appendix (careful sharing with supplier)

It’s up to you to add more pages or use less than in the example. You may also consider to use another format for your SRM program documentation, using MS Word, please see Supplier Business Plan – Example here.

pdficon_largeDownload the Supplier Development Plan in PDF-format (click on the icon to the left).


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